3 Reasons to Hire the Law Office of Rex R. McCarley in McKinney, TX

1. Seek personal representation for your family law or personal injury matter

Are you ready to move forward with your divorce but aren't sure where to start? Were you injured in a car accident and now find yourself unable to work or pay your bills?

When you need legal advice from a divorce attorney or want to submit a claim with the help of a car accident attorney, the Law Office of Rex R. McCarley is here for you.

You'll receive personal, compassionate attention from a family law attorney who puts your needs first. Contact a capable personal injury lawyer in McKinney, TX  to get started on your case as soon as possible.Call us at 972-884-0448.

2. Receive comprehensive legal services when life throws you a curveball

The Law Office of Rex R. McCarley offers legal counsel for a wide range of legal matters, from adoptions and guardianships to car and truck accidents. Our attorney is experienced in the areas of:

Your family law attorney understands that filing for divorce or engaging in a custody battle can be stressful and emotional. Let the Law Office of Rex R. McCarley help you navigate the legal system and take the right steps toward settling your case.

3. Schedule a free initial consultation

If you're ready to file for divorce or pursue a claim with a car accident attorney, call the Law Office of Rex R. McCarley today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation in McKinney, TX. We keep convenient office hours to fit your busy schedule.